Exhibitions 2018 in Finland: Gallery Huuto Helsinki, Gallery Å,Turku, and Gallery Napa, Rovaniemi
14:26 | 26.04.2017

Gallery Huuto, Gallery Å and Gallery Napa, accepted Aulis Harmaala´s exhition proposal for January, March and June 2018. The Turku Artists’ Association runs the Gallery Å. Artists´Association of Lapland runs the Gallery Napa. Galleria Huuto is an independent artist collective located in Helsinki, Finland.Currently Huuto maintains two galleries at the center of Helsinki: on Uudenmaankatu and on Jätkäsaari.

Art Fair Suomi ´17
8:10 | 02.04.2017

Art Fair Suomi 2017 25.-28.5. Cable Factory, Helsinki.

Charlottenburg Spring Exhibition 2017
14:38 | 01.02.2017

At Kunsthal Charlottenborg you can experience the artistic contribution of the 61 national and international artists, established stars and budding talents, who made it through to this year’s Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition.

Radio YLE Kultakuume 12.8.2016
11:09 | 16.09.2016

Laura Haapala´s interview in Radio YLE Kultakuume: http://areena.yle.fi/1-3519205.

MUU Kaapeli August-September 2016
18:52 | 18.04.2016

MUU Kaapeli gallery presents Aulis Harmaala´s a solo exhibition from August 5th to September 11th 2016.
MUU is an artist run,Finnish interdisciplinary artist association. Artists´ Association MUU

Ars Auttoinen Summer 2016
17:53 | 28.01.2016

Ars Auttoinen has invited Aulis Harmaala for the 2016 summer exhibition. This is a link to Ars Auttoinen webpage.arsauttoinen2016

Aulis Harmaala´s  participative installation is called “Butterfly wings for ugly men over 50”. Some colorful fragile paper wings are offered for the audience to use. The work focuses on participators notions about ugly, age, gender and equality.







Turku Biennial 2015
15:09 | 05.06.2015

Summer 2015: Turku Biennial 2015 10.6.-30.8.

The Turku Biennial, an exhibition of contemporary art, has been organized in Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova regularly since 2003. The seventh international Turku Biennial opens the museum’s doors to leading contemporary artists from Finland and Europe. Half of the artists were chosen for the exhibition through an open artist application and half were invited based on the suggestions of the chosen artists. The theme of the Biennial, The Unexpected Guest, is fulfilled both in the artist selections and in the new works prepared for the exhibition. Aulis Harmaala´s proposal is Gil&Moti.


Harmaala´s work is an installation with participative elements: a fitting room with butterfly wings are offered for audience to use.

Photographic Gallery Hippolyte, Studio 31.10.–23.11.2014.
19:01 | 27.10.2014

In November Hippolyte Studio presents Metamorphose, an exhibition by artist Aulis Harmaala combining photography and installation. Based on a collection of butterflies, it is a study on transformation.
Metamorfoosi / Metamorfos / Metamorphose
October 31 – November 23, 2014 (Yrjönkatu 8-10, Helsinki)
Opening on Thursday 30 October 2014, 5–7 pm. Welcome!

Art Today, Eno, Finland 7.7. – 10.8. 2014
9:21 | 18.07.2014

Love your neighbor as yourself


15:51 | 17.01.2014

Haihatus summer 2014 presents works from Aulis Harmaala.Haihatus is best known for its annual summer exhibition of contemporary art since 2000. The exhibition introduces annually art of twenty to thirty artists in the Haihatus house and its surroundings. Curators are Merja Metsänen ja Raimo Auvinen.

Now I´m 47  is an installation with two photographs, a scythe on a black carpet and a quote from the Bible: You reap what you sow.


Emergency exits is an installation of wooden ladders. I use branches from different trees, peel and cut them and finish with fire and tar.

Nipple Fan is a wooden fan with resin-cast nipples.

Link to Haihatus-website: Art Center HAIHATUS


About performance-group Sirkus Finnbohemia
11:33 | 09.01.2014

SF was a performance-group exploring the idea of circus. They existed in Oulu, Finland, during 1994-1996. Aulis Harmaala was the Fakir of the circus. In the article is a link to video with the Fakir and the Strongman performing (begins at 7.25).

Continue to Wikipedia to read the article in Finnish:
Sirkus Finnbohemia

ART FAIR SUOMI 2013 Cable Factory, Helsinki
17:43 | 10.09.2013

Welcome to the opening on Friday 27 September from 7 to 9 p.m.

7:57 | 30.08.2013

VISIT SITE: Taidelainaamo