Since 2016, I have concentrated on oil paintings and wood sculptures. Making art feels like talking to myself and having a conversation with other people. Topics include daily events, political statements, and my personal life.



Aulis Harmaala is a visual artist. He is born in Ranua 1966, and he lives in Helsinki, Finland. He graduated from Kankaanpää Art School 1994 and gained the master’s degree from Aalto University, Helsinki in 2011. His multidiscipline work involves several different ways to catch and handle material. In recent years he has worked with paintings, assemblages, installations and participatory elements. In many of his works, the means of expression diverge directly into the instruments of conversation and communication. Harmaala considers that art is acts of inspecting, thinking, discussing, and influencing.

He has exhibited in several private and joint shows in Finnish galleries and museums since the beginning of 1990.

A view to installation Desire and caring at MUU Cable, 2016.