Aulis Harmaala graduated from Aalto University in 2011 with a master’s degree in art. He was born in 1966 in Ranua and lives in Espoo, Finland.

 His multidiscipline work involves several different ways to catch and handle material. The present works are installations in which paintings, photographs, assemblages, and participatory elements form the core. In some of his works, the means of expression diverge directly into the instruments of conversation and communication.

Harmaala says that his art is both very personal and political. His life experiences resonate and motivate him to make art. The works deal with topics related to identity, self-expression and social expectations. Themes range from personal relationships to broader social upheavals. According to him personal issues often cause confrontation and political debates. Harmaala enjoys working with different kinds of materials when creating art. But the most important goal is to create interaction. A work of art is only finished when it generates a conversation.

Harmaala’s previous exhibitions have been presented, for example, by Gallery Huuto, MUU ry and Gallery Hippolyte in Helsinki. The Helsinki Art Museum has included his works in its collection.

Who shot Musti The Dog? Final thesis at Kankaanpää Art School, 1993.

A dog´s skull, plaster casts, childhood pictures, a story and painting on wood panel.