It will take years (2012)

Installation It will take years includes a combination of items, a sound recording, and a performance. The installation is a home-like stage where an ironing board, underwear, and other everyday items act out a process of emotions. The items are accompanied by a compilation of songs sung from the heart. In the performance Harmaala shoots arrows as Cupid, giving the audience an opportunity to explore their thoughts on love and hate. The opportunity to mould inner processes with moulding wax, read Cosmopolitan magazine, and learn emotional theories (from notes on the wall) are offered. The installation presents feelings and emotions as the foundation of everyday life. Private thoughts of joy, sorrow, jealousy, fear and love are shared in a three-dimensional form. It will take years was shown at gallery HUUTOViiskulma, Helsinki, 14.11. – 2.12.2012.



The following text lead to the installation: I talk about gentle and painful things. The couples counsellor listens. I would like to be quiet. This is just as pointless as a relationship issue of Cosmopolitan. I won’t change. What if I mould the processes of my mind into items? They are just as ambiguous. I see grief, love, hate and caring in my items. From an objective perspective, my life is not filled with pure misery or infinite love, but I have the right to experience it in the light of my own subjective knowledge. Do I now understand the other person better? I’ll wait, it will take years. Spinoza once said “Hope is a joy not constant, arising from the idea of something future or past about the issue of which we sometimes doubt.”

Wax, pigment, plastic molded objects on ironing board.


Photo print on vinyl, 80 x 120 cm