Installations by Aulis and Heikki: Shoe-shine event – Going together

Installation and event by Aulis and Heikki at Gallery ALKOVI, February 2011, Helsinki.

Installation in the display window. Shoes, a poster, shoe polishing supplies, a video of the two walking together, a shoe-shaped photo collage of the footwear of passers-by.

The installation will present our common path that we journey together. It also offers shoe-polishing on the street. It inquires what the minimum requirements are for doing something together.
Going together may be out of necessity and force, or independence and freedom. It may, as well, be a right or an obligation.
Do we have the ability, and the will, to work in mutual cooperation in this hedonistic world? And yet a prerequisite to seeing and working towards the common good is the sense that we are going in the same direction. In addition to the desire to help out, we need the ability to work not only according to our own needs, but to take our co-travellers into account.

The minimum requirements.
Writings on an apron.

Passersby were invited to join the event. After polishing their shoes,  people were asked to write their thoughts about the minimum requirements for co-travelling on an apron.

Passers-by were invited to a free shoe polish. Photo by Aulis Lind.


Thoughts about co-travelling, from passersby of “shoeshine- performance” on the street. Printed on boots and installed in Toijala railwaystation, summer 2011.

Aulis and Heikki are partners in art and in everyday life. The alter ego ‘Aulis ja Heikki’ seeks for a harmonious way to picture the world of dissonance.